A World Filled With Adventure

Author Donald Semora has weaved together a story of epic proportions and has made something truly different. Pawns of Fate is by no means you traditional fantasy tale. Instead it takes long thought of norms in mainstream fantasy and he has toppled them over onto their head. The story is rich in depth and vast in it's scope in the way it portrays characters and the very world of the Alterverse. This website is for you to adventure through, and learn more about this awesome work by Donald Semora...


The Characters

Human - American


The only single one in the group of men forced into the Alterverse. Don is at once wanting to get home, but what is really home to him. His loyalty will be tested in ways he is not prepared for.

Human - American


Wanting to get back home to his wife, Hutch is forced to play a game of trust that he is not wanting to play. He will find out that not all is logical in the Alterverse.

Human - American


With demons from his life at home, and his marriage. Pat is forced to face in this new world of magic and monsters to make decisions that will imapct him and his friends forever.

Human - American


Impulsive and greedy, James is the one in the group who wants to get home no matter what to his wife Bri. His actions will place the group is in danger, possibly changing them forever.

Maldoran Warrior


Maldoran Warrior from the north, himself and Freya are thrust into friendship. His strength and bravery are legendary and his impulsive actions will possibly put the entire group at risk.

Amarian Adventurer


Longtime friend of Kord, and adventurer. Her scars run deeper than visible on the surface, and a betryal will forever change her, and in the end she will have to make a life changing decision.

Amarian Adventurer


Younger sister to Freya, their childhood anger towards each other has always been a division between them, however now her and Freya are thrust into this adventure with each other.

Amarian Merchant


Owner of a small book shop, her greed throws her into the midst of this adventure, and a catastrophic event yields more to her and about her than even she was prepared to face.

Dark Mage - Unknown Race

Malphit Doom

An infamous Dark Mage, and the main nemesis in the book, he is only matched in his core evil by his contempt for all others. He is the ultimate reason for the men to be in this magical world.

Amarian Innkeeper


A man with more to him than meets the eye, longtime friend of Constance, and the one man who cannot be trusted but just might have to be trusted by everyone. The problem is can he be trusted.

Hafarian Pirate


Slagar One Eye a evil pirate whom is deeply intertwined with Frey'a fate. He cares only for his own gain and ultimatley is pushed into a life changing meeting with Freya.

Amarian Cut Throat


Kain a denizen of Dark Home, and a long ago cell mate of Kord, Kain is the hireling of Constance and someone whom she depends upon for the more touchy business items she engages in.

Order The Books

You can easily take part in the adventure by either reading the Epic Fantasy Pawns of Fate, or you can live the adventure and more in the Alterverse itself by playing the Alterverse Role Players game, both by Author Donald Semora.

Some Reviews

Hu Shun Xiao
If you are looking for a and upcoming author of fantasy look no further. Donald Semora's work is fresh and entertaining.

Douglas - Amazon Review

Rob Auguste
I highly recommend this book to everyone! You will not be disappointed and will fall in love with a beautiful world of characters and emotional journeys. Quite the adventure to be had by all!! Thank you for writing such a wonderful story!

Melissa - Amazon Review

Antonio Kirill
The writer does a nice job of going from scene to scene and place to place. This is not your average fantasy. I thought his storyline and plots were interesting and refreshing.

Mike - Amazon Review

Hello and Welcome

This book is based off a world I created when I used to play Dungeons and Dragons with friends. I made a storyline for the game that this book evolved into. I write as I love to create things that other people find enjoyable. My books tend to all revolve around what at first is a very simple idea, but soon evolves into much more. My characters quirks, habits and personalities tend to be based off of people I either know, met or have had interactions with in the past. I take from my present world to create my fantasy worlds. I hope you like my stories as much as I have had writing them.

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